Steampunk Festival Postponed to 2021 due to Covid19

COVID-19 may have cooled the hopes of a unique Plattsmouth event next month, but it’s full steam ahead for the Steampunk Festival in 2021, an organizer said.

Shannon Lewis said officials of the host Plattsmouth Conservancy decided to hold it next year, perhaps in the spring, instead of this fall when other cancelled events may be rescheduled.

The festival was Tuesday’s Brown Bag topic at the Cass County Historical Society Museum. It’s to be held on two days along Main Street in downtown Plattsmouth.

“It’s a science fiction genre that focuses on steam power and the Victorian Era,” Lewis said. “It’s an alternate history revolving around steam power.”

Unique games, including the use of remote-controlled model race cars, are planned, she said.

One of the games involves placing a decorative tea pot on top of a model racer and steering it through an obstacle course without knocking over suspended tea cups.

Sheep herding, another game, will involve pushing toy sheep into a corral with a racer.

“I think that will be a great deal of fun,” Lewis said.

Tea dueling will involve eating a tea-soaked biscuit whole without breaking it apart creating crumbs.

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