15 Things You Should Know About Cedeno Law Group.

Atesa hired Cedeño to serve her in a divorcement case against Anthony at a period when Atesa was extremely vulnerable, both emotionally and fiscally. She grappled with, inter alia, a pending divorcement case, potential loss of child custody, a criminal matter originating from a recent detention for assault in regarding to the divorcement case, and also a then-ongoing ACS investigation that threatened her relation with the child.

Cedeño, a accredited fiduciary when it come to a number of such issues, stressed his ability to secure positive outcomes for Atesa. Cedeño utilized especially confidential private information discovered in the context of the attorney-client partnership, not to progress Atesa’s judicial concerns but in an eventually effective attempt to establish a sexual partnership with Atesa.

To even further this goal the Cedeño Law Group postponed the procedures, lying to the court and also to the parties in the process. He made use of the obstructions he wrongfully designed to get closer personally to Atesa. And Cedeño’s efforts to further a sexual relationship with Atesa only increased after Cedeño got to know that the Complaintants were truly aiming to reconcile.

But Cedeño by no means formed, and given his role and the inherent power imbalance in the relation could never establish , a consensual sexual relation with Atesa. Rather Cedeño sexually abused Atesa.

The lustful assault, the willful obstructions which preceded it, and the willful hindrance with Anthony’s and also Atesa’s initiatives to resolve have caused the Suers to sustain enormous sentimental and monetary damages. Certainly, Cedeño’s ongoing courting with his client, and his quest to establish a lustful relation with her, display that he placed his very own personal interests before those of his vulnerable client, a breach of his fiduciary obligations .

Thus, Peter Cedeño and also his law office should be held accountable for sex-related assault/battery, violation of fiduciary obligation, nonobservances of Judiciary Law 487, planned infliction of psychological and mental torment, and loss of consortium, and be demanded to cough up proportionate absolute and financial penalties.

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